Surf Boards

We carry a large selection of Softech Surfboards handmade from highly durable materials, and constructed using proven manufacturing techniques, Softech surfboards are built to withstand the toughest of treatment and are available in a range of styles to suit the beginner though the most experienced rider.

Sizes Available

As of 3/1/21

6' Roller Blue $310

6'6 Surf School Yellow $330 SOLD!

7' Roller Blue $340 

7'6"  Roller Smoke Green $350

8' Roller Blue $360 

8'4" Roller Grey $420 SOLD!

9' Roller Blue $425 SOLD!

NEW! 5'8" Softech 

Kyuss Fish


NEW! 5'6" Softech 

Mason Twin FCS

$300 SOLD!!

NEW! 5'6" Softech 

Mason Twin FCS

$300 SOLD!

NEW! 5'3" & 5'11" Softech 

Filipe Toledo Wildfire

NEW! 6' & 6'6" Softech

Sally Fitzgibbons

NEW! 6'0" Surface

Water Angel Soft Top

Pink or Purple $199


Skate Boards

Long-boards, short boards, Penny boards, blank decks, assorted wheels & bearrings, skate tools, trucks, grip tape, 187 & Triple 8 pads & more.

Selection changing daily!!


Bones bearings, lube & cleaning kits

Layback Longboard

We carry a variety of longboards

bones bushings

Bushings to adjust the feel of your trucks


Triple 8 & 187 protection gear


Penny & nickel boards


Great selection of wheels

Bodyboards & Skimboards


Zap Pro Boards

Morey MACH 7

We carry classic Morey Boogie Boards


Kai Bro

Wave Zone Skimboards

Wave Zone Skimboards available in a variety of designs and sizes


We have what you're looking for. BZ, Wave Rebel, Kai, Hydro, Morey & more.


We carry Churchill, V-Duck, Stealth & Hydro fins

We carry bodyboards & skimboards for every skill level.  Along with body board leashes, fins, booties & skim board traction.

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Bones bearings, lube & cleaning kits